Fireback Radio

Marquis Washington is an American podcaster and voice actor based in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the creator and host of whose goal is to provide “kitchen table conversations” on anything from politics, religion, history, and conspiracy to reflect on what could have been done better and reach for a more positive alternative. And most recently, Marquis has become a regular on the new “The People’s Congress” (MEXIT News) coming to the airways soon. As a voice actor, he has lent his voice to animation and commercials including doing the voice-over work for “The Star and the Mountainside” produced by Knap P Head Productions Media Group.

With an inquisitive spirit and great communication skills, Marquis has been able to craft a patented voice through building relationships and exploring the way others understand the world. With 19 years in transportation as an employee driver and owner-operator, and his over 10 years in real estate investing and rehab management, Marquis has been able to create that unique voice that questions the status quo and seeks authentic solutions-based conversations among a diverse community. Marquis is committed to providing a voice that opens the lines of communication and combats status quo notions by encouraging riveting dialogue between diverse opinions and finding a common ground to build upon.

Marquis and his wife Alycia celebrate 20 years of marriage in November 2021. They have two teen boys, Jonathan, age 13, and David, age 16. They have recently started a family channel called “The Washington Chronicles” which chronicles the antics of life with teens and their son David’s new and growing sauce business, The Good Stuff, LLC. Marquis serves as the Marketing Director and his wife serves as the badass Operations Director of the newest, most tastiest sauce in the universe that rolls straight from the mind and stomach of my 16 year old son David. Marquis enjoys developing this channel with his family and helping his boys find their voice and developing their skills in a changing world.