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Warning consider this a shot across the bow. This is the battle ground for free speech from the not so silent majority. Buckle up and let’s go. We will not go silently into the night.


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Fireback Radio – We Have Arrived!

Jolting conversations; lightly seasoned, in life as only Brother Marquis sees it. The goal is to open up dialog to those who would otherwise not listen, which includes both sides of the political and religious spectrum. We have those conversations that you would necessarily hear at the kitchen table, from conspiracy theory to fake “hissstory”. Sometimes, it does get ugly. But at the end of the day, we reflect on what we could have done better and look forward to tomorrows reach for the positive light.

We laugh. We love. We educate. We thrive. We LIVE!

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"Black Aquamayne" @ The River Brawl

Fireback Radio #quotBlack #Aquamaynequot #River #Brawl Montgomery Alabama river brawl took place and it all started due to people not wanting to move

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